Our production teams can handle many types of files. Below is a list of the types of files that we can accept and use:

  • Quark XPress files
  • InDesign files
  • Photoshop files
  • Illustrator files
  • PageMaker files
  • FrameMaker files
  • Acrobat files
  • All Trados files
  • CorelDraw files
  • Flash files
  • Freehand files
  • PowerPoint files
  • Excel files
  • Word files
  • Access files
  • Compressed files
  • CHM and HTML files
  • Text files
  • All audio formats
  • All video formats

We handle most common formats and are always working to enhance compatibility. What to do if your format isn't listed? We understand that there are always more formats to consider, and we would appreciate your help in identifying and studying the suitability of support for the formats you prefer. Just contact our ‘Customers and Quotes’ team and give them all the necessary information. They'll try to help you and say whether we can handle your files in the meantime or not. If they can't identify a format, they will record it as ‘unknown’. Then, we will begin analysis procedures with a view to using the new file in the near future.

We try to provide support for as many file formats as possible. By ‘support’, we mean to make the new ones useable, having enabled ourselves to handle them smoothly. In particular, we familiarize ourselves with the specifications of a new format by making detailed descriptions of it. This information becomes very useful when we need to handle that format. It saves a lot of time and makes people aware of most of the specifications of their new files. Once we have enough information on how the format works, many difficulties are overcome and then, we only need to do some tests before being able to use that format perfectly.

Supported File Formats