Colortoon has been a high growth company since its foundation, and we hope that the momentum will become sustainable and profitable in the long run, by building and maintaining a base of committed customers.

To achieve this goal, we are focusing on attracting customers, and on the enhancement of long-term customer relationships. Firstly, we seek to attract the type of customer who is likely to become long-term. We aim to be the preferred supplier of services to our customers, which means that a customer would award, say, 75 percent of its business to Colortoon rather than splitting the business evenly among two or three suppliers. Eventually, we aspire to become the exclusive supplier of Middle East localization services to all our customers.

Building and maintaining such relationships is not only in the best interests of Colortoon, but our customers themselves greatly benefit from receiving our reliable, affordable and high-quality services. They are sharing both the endeavor and reward in making Colortoon the best Middle East localization service!

Long Term Relationship