Layout Design

Many translated documents are destined for printing, or for distribution in readily-printable electronic form such as PDF. Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that a ‘print-ready’ document in the source language will still be ‘print-ready’ once translated – as text takes up varying amounts of space in different languages, a problem which few page layout programs automatically address.

Our design team will finalize your translated documents for your chosen distribution medium, ensuring that the text is re-flowed correctly, while preserving the page layout and proportions of the original document as far as possible. On the other hand, our designers are able to localize the translated document where necessary, by changing the document template or format to match the corporate standards of different countries, changing addresses and other items that are not considered part of the translation. Finally, they will convert documents to font-independent formats that can be printed by virtually any professional printer as well as creating electronic output documents (such as PDF) for review and/or distribution as finished product.

Layout Design Services from Arabic DTP Experts | Colortoon, Egypt