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The definition of 'good' translation depends on the purpose of the translated document. Sometimes, a translation which is faithful to the original is not ideal, as it may sound too literal to the reader, or it may contain words or phrases that are inappropriate for the context. In the case of a marketing document, a completely faithful rendition is less important than language which sounds both natural and attractive to a native speaker. Striking the right balance between these two elements is the 'art' of translation.

Achieving this balance is the greatest challenge to the translation industry. Often, translation companies fail to find the right solution and so clients think of a translation as 'poor quality', even though the actual translation quality (in terms of accuracy of meaning) might be reasonably good, because it is not suited to the needs of the target audience.

Editing is a standard procedure for all Colortoon translations - in other words, we always edit our translations to ensure they are accurate. Our basic philosophy is that a translation must not only be a correct representation of the original document, but that it should sound natural to a native as well. In addition, we provide editing as a value-added service for any document, whether translated by us or not.

We provide editing (proofreading) services for many languages, especially for Arabic language, our mother tongue. We are specialized to handle your Arabic editing (Arabic proofreading) needs. Through our location in Cairo, Egypt, we are in the center of the Middle East, where the root of Arabic language was formed, where you can outsource your Arabic editing tasks tranquilly. For detailed information about our Arabic editing (Arabic proofreading) services, please visit our Arabic editing page, or feel free to contact us for more details, or if you have any concern.

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