Translation, Desktop Publishing & Localization - Overview

The secret of effective communication services clearly lies in choosing the right market, offering the right product, and in having an image that reflects our abilities and professionalism.

In reaching new clients abroad, and in exporting and fine-tuning their communications, localization has become crucial in today's global, technology-focused economy. And this is where Colortoon can help you by becoming your localization partner.

Colortoon is not a typical translation agency. In addition to our central production teams in Cairo, we have a wide network of freelance teams who are native in their language pairs. These translators are distributed around the world, and are accustomed to working both individually and in teams. Our commitment to our partners and customers means that we provide affordable and high quality translation services.

Another main concern is our respect for clients’ schedules. We always do our best to ensure that the quality they need reaches them in the shortest possible timeframe.

The main reasons our clients choose us are due to our superior accuracy, speed and competitive pricing. You can feel confident in outsourcing your localization tasks to Colortoon production teams. You can be assured that every component of your project will be handled professionally and confidentially. As a client, you can rely on Colortoon to manage the workflow of your project, meticulously.

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