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Arabic DTP, Typesetting

Send us a document in almost any format and we will return it to you translated, and in the same format.

Translated documents and brochures need to look as good as the original documents. At Colortoon, our desktop publishing specialists guarantee that, no matter how large or small the translation assignment, the specific letters or characters belonging to the script of the target language are faithfully reproduced, which means that they always display and print correctly. We also ensure that the target language text includes all your requested changes, while remaining true to the look and style of the original document.

In addition, we help to prepare your source documents, where possible, so that re-formatting the translation is as quick and cost-effective as it can be. That's why Colortoon is considered as a value-added partner to all our clients as well as being recognized as a leading translation company. Furthermore, it is important to mention that all DTP and information publishing assignments go through the Colortoon Quality Control system to ensure that the work meets the highest standard before being delivered. Your documents will be committed to one or more of our excellent quality checkers, who will review every detail of each document, checking the target document against your original one, and looking at the different phases of the work. For more information about Colortoon’s QC procedures, click here.

We provide DTP (typesetting) services for many languages, especially for Arabic language, our mother tongue. We are specialized to handle your Arabic DTP (Arabic typesetting) needs. Through our location in Cairo, Egypt, we are in the center of the Middle East, where the root of Arabic language was formed, where you can outsource your Arabic typesetting tasks tranquilly. For detailed information about our Arabic DTP (Arabic typesetting) services, please visit our Arabic DTP page, or feel free to contact us for more details, or if you have any concern.

Arabic DTP is an art that combines typesetting and graphics and produces appealing experience